Changes to Equity Trade


December 2017

Important Changes to Equity Trade
Settlement Cycle effective
December 11, 2017

Dear Valued Client,

JN Fund Managers Ltd. is pleased to inform you that effective Monday, December 11, 2017, equity trades will now take two (2) business days to settle, after the buy and sell order is executed, instead of the current three (3) days.

This change will mean that you will receive your monies one day earlier after selling your shares. Similarly, you will receive delivery of your securities one day earlier after purchasing shares.

Click here to read brochure (published by the Jamaica Stock Exchange), for more information, or contact any of our financial advisors at (876) 929-7102 or at, who will be more than happy to answer questions you may have regarding this change.

We thank you for your commitment to being a client of JN Fund Managers, and by extension, the Jamaica National Group, and look forward to continue serving you.

Yours sincerely,

Allan Lewis
Managing Director

Phone:(876) 929-7159

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