Initial Public Offering (IPO)

About Stationery and Office Supplies Limited

Stationery and Office Supplies Ltd. (SOS) has been in the business of selling high quality stationery and office furniture since we opened our doors in 1965. As we celebrate our 50th Anniversary this year we are proud of what we have accomplished and look forward to serving the Jamaican public for many more years to come.

SOS is a distributor for all your office needs to run an efficient and organized operation. We carry items from pens, pencils, erasers and post-it pads to desks, chairs, stationery cupboards and fire resistant cabinets. Any item that is not in stock from our large inventory of products can be specially ordered and shipped in at the customer’s request.

SOS in the Press

IPO Account Opening Requirements

· Completed Customer Information Form

· Identification (Driver’s License, Passport or National ID)

· Tax Registration Number (TRN)

· Proof of Address

· Two (2) References

· Completed FATCA Form